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Title: An investigation of the effectiveness of participatory theatre in providing a forum for community development: A case study of Bambelela Arts Ensemble.
Authors: Mtungwa, Nothando C
Keywords: Theatre
Social change and development
Community involvement
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: This research analyses the effectiveness of using theatre as a tool for development. The research explores what affects theatre’s success in supporting social change and development and what hinders its use as a tool which supports the development of communities. Community theatre can be seen as a way of bringing development to the community by the community. The research also investigates the relationship between artists, community members and recreation leaders. These bodies have to be in good relationships with each other so as to bring about change in their communities as they own the community. Chapter one is composed of the Area of Investigation, The Objectives ,the justification, theoretical framework, Research Methodology and the Literature Review. The Second Chapter looks at the definition of theatre for development and profiles of the Recreation Services Department and Bambelela Arts Ensemble. The synopsis of plays performed by Bambelela Arts Ensemble are also be highlighted in this chapter .The Third Chapter investigates how participatory theatre is linked to communities and the motivation for artists to do certain productions .The impact of participatory theatre on communities is also assessed in communities. The last chapter concludes the chapter and offers recommendations on how theatre should be approached as a means of bringing people together and encouraging participation.
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