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Title: An investigation into the uptake of complimentary/alternative/herbal medicines as alternatives to conventional medicines: A case of Lupane district.
Authors: Tshuma, Leon
Keywords: Complementary alternative/herbal medicines
Conventional medicine
Mainstream treatment
Uptake and popularity of herbal medicine
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: This qualitative research study sought to investigate the uptake of Complementary Alternative/Herbal Medicines in purposively sampled participants in Lupane District in Matabeleland North Province. 37 out of 40 research participants were interviewed using in-depth interviews. None interviewing of the 3 participants was a limitation on the part of the researcher. The study sought among other things to establish the determinants and or factors that lead to the people of Lupane to prefer alternative therapies ahead of the conventional medicines. The study found out that while conventional medicines were known to the people of Lupane, the complementary alternative/herbal medicines were gaining credibility and popularity amongst the people of this area. The study found out that there are several factors that contribute to the uptake of complementary alternative/herbal medicines ahead of the conventional medicationand that these factors include, poor services they get from clinics and hospitals, long distances walked to the nearest health centres, high cost of drugs, nonavailability of drugs, high cost of consultation fees, poor referral systems, waiting periods before they are saved, instant cure promise they get from alternative therapies, failure by conventional medicines to treat other chronic illnesses like cancer and the availability of information on complementary alternative/herbal medicines. The research also found out that the Policy issues on the use and or supply of alternative medication are still not clear in Zimbabwe. The researcher went to conclude that Complementary Alternative/Herbal Medicines uptake is increasing and the treatment is gaining incredible popularity amongst the people of Lupane. The conventional medicine providers need to recognise this form of treatment and possibly consider strongly integrating them into mainstream treatment. Further research work need to be carried out in this area since there is very little research done in this area and the area remains with grey areas.
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