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Title: Production of oxalic acid from sawdust using coal fly ash as a catalyst
Authors: Kuipa, Olga
Kasungasunge, Gerald
Kuipa, Pardon K.
Keywords: Oxalic acid
Nitric acid
Fly ash
Sulphuric acid
Operating parameters
Issue Date: 9-Oct-2021
Publisher: Springer Nature
Series/Report no.: SN Applied Sciences;
Abstract: The production of oxalic acid from sawdust using a mixture of strong nitric acid and concentrated sulphuric acid with coal fly ash as a catalyst has been explored. Operating parameters affecting the reaction were determined to be temperature, mesh size and amount of fly ash catalyst, time and the HNO3 ∶ H2SO4 ratio. A maximum oxalic acid yield of 84% was obtained using a mixture of 60% HNO3 and 40% H2SO4 at 70 °C and a reaction time of 150 minutes. Coal fly ash with particle size of 50–100 μm proved to be a suitable and efficient catalyst, and the optimum quantity of catalyst employed was 5g of fly ash for every 100g of sawdust.
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