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Title: An Exploratory Study On the Usage of Management Accounting Practices among Small and Medium Enterprises in Zimbabwe
Authors: Dlamini, Banele
Schutte, Daniel P.
Keywords: Management accounting
Small and Medium Enterprises
Management accounting practices
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Journal of Accounting and Management
Series/Report no.: Journal of Accounting and Management;11 (2)
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to explore the level of use of management accounting among Zimbabwean SMEs. The paper observed that there is limited research-based knowledge on the adoption level of management accounting among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Zimbabwe. Prior studies have indicated that management accounting is an essential tool for success especially among SMEs. However, there is paltry research-based knowledge on the adoption level of MAPs among SMEs in Zimbabwe. Data was collected from eighty-eight participants using semi-structured interviews. Qualitative content analysis was used to interpret the data. The study found that there is a low utilization of management accounting among SMEs in Zimbabwe, though there is relatively a high usage of traditional MAPs as compared to contemporary MAP. The study also observed a trend that there are diverse practices on MAPs application among Zimbabwean SMEs. SMEs that are using MAPs were not fully implementing management accounting but applied part of the components of MAPs. The study recommends that SMEs should increase the uptake of both traditional and contemporary MAPs as these techniques are not only essential for promoting success and survival of SMEs but they also create value for the entity. Further, the Zimbabwean government should popularize MAPs by convening workshops, awareness campaigns, and formulating policies that encourage the use of management accounting. The study highly recommends the development of a management accounting framework for SMEs as it might affluence the application of MAPs among these small businesses. The study established the usage level of MAPs by SMEs operating in Zimbabwe, provided recommendations on advancing their use and it also reduced the literature gap in the study area.
ISSN: 2284 – 9459
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