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dc.contributor.authorMoyo, Olivia-
dc.description.abstractThis research analyses Kalanga praise poetry, an old system that existed since time immemorial. Documenting such poems plays a pivotal in the lives of the Kalanga people and Africans at large as it instills a sense of pride, love and belonging. Data was collected from Kalanga writers and discussions were with some individuals. the praises for kings, chiefs and Mwali we Dombo were worked on. After the quotations, explanations were done so as to make the lofty language used in praises clear. Information on history carried in the praises was also brought out and explained soon after praise poetry explanations. Praise poetry, like any other literary work mirrors the society, brings out realities and highlights an ethnic group’s experiences. In the Kalanga society, praise poetry documentation was ignored for long but of late, a lot has been done to uplift the Kalanga language as books are now written in Kalanga and it is now taught as a subject in schools, examinable at grade seven, especially in Bulilima and Mangwe in Plumtree. This is a positive stance for Kalanga young generation as they have reference points whenever need arises. It was concluded that praise poetry has a fundamental notion of transmitting history from generation to generation in order to keep history alive.en_US
dc.publisherLupane State Universityen_US
dc.subjectKalanga Languageen_US
dc.subjectKalanga societyen_US
dc.subjectHistory transferen_US
dc.subjectPraise poetryen_US
dc.titleAn Analysis of Praise Names amongst the Kalanga People.en_US
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