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Title: Addressing Climate Change Vulnerability Through Small Livestock Rearing in Matobo, Zimbabwe
Authors: Phiri, Keith
Ndlovu, Sibonokuhle
Mpofu, Moreblessings
Moyo, Philani
Evans, Henri-Count
Keywords: Climate change
Small livestock
Smallholder farmers
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Springer Nature
Series/Report no.: African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation;
Abstract: Livestock rearing is a popular climate change adaptation strategy among farmers in Matobo District, Zimbabwe. In this chapter we reveal how farmers in Matobo District have benefited immensely from rearing small livestock in response to climate change. Although the descriptor “small livestock” generically refers to different types of livestock, in this chapter we limit it to goat and sheep rearing. The purpose of the chapter is (1) to discuss the efficacy of small livestock rearing as a response to climate change and (2) to use smallholder farmer’s narratives to evaluate the success of government interventions in enhancing small livestock production. Utilizing an inductive approach, data was gathered through five (5) key informants, five (5) focus group discussions, and 50 in-depth semistructured interviews. Our study reveals that small livestock are suitable and adaptable to climate change impacts in Matobo. We recommend that government and its development partners prioritize and avail funds for the increased uptake of small livestock rearing among smallholder farmers in Matobo District and beyond.
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