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Title: ‘‘Silent Voices’’: A Description of Views and Attitudes of Health Professionals towards Reproduction by HIV Positive People
Authors: Ndlovu, Vezumuzi
Keywords: Health Professionals
HIV positive
child bearing
Issue Date: Aug-2014
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Series/Report no.: International Scholarly Research Notices;Volume 2014, Article ID 205872, 6 pages
Abstract: Objective.The role of health professionals in the decision making process of patients is usually heard or seen from the perspective of the patients. This paper gives the usually silent and invisible health professionals voice and visibility. It describes their views and attitudes towards reproduction by couples who are HIV positive and attempts to understand their perspectives. Methods. Indepth interviews were conducted with twelve health professionals at an opportunistic infections clinic. Transcribed interviews were analysed using the grounded approach to identify patterns and themes concerning views and attitudes of health professionals towards reproduction by HIV positive people. Results. The study found that most health professionals generally had a negative attitude towards childbearing by HIV positive couples. Their views and approaches on the issue were based mainly on biomedical considerations.Themain discourses on childbearing that emerged fromthe studywere the conditional choice, the antichildbearing, and the prorights. Conclusion. Most of the health professionals interviewed tend to take a generally negative stance towards reproduction by people with HIV/AIDS. There is a need for a clear set of guidelines for health professionals (HPs) on how to deal with HIV positive people who may desire to reproduce.
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