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Title: Community Involvement in Sustainable Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Makokoba Residential Suburb
Authors: Ndlovu, Petronella
Keywords: solid waste management
high density residential areas
sustainable options
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: This study examined the roles and effectiveness of communities in solid waste management in high density residential areas in order to come up with sustainable solid waste management options regarding Makokoba suburb. The study aimed at increasing knowledge with the Makokoba on sustainable waste management at household level, so as to improve the state of the area. Makokoba suburb was purposively selected as the study area by virtue of its ever expanding population with increasing dumps and unsustainable waste management strategies. Three key informants and 180 houses were systematically selected to acquire information on different solid waste management activities done at community level. Observations were used and helped to disclose the evidence with facts on the ground. The study revealed that organic waste is the most produced and dominated the solid waste stream with 100% response on weekly production from all respondents. The quantity of waste produced at household level had a positive correlation to household size. The study showed that the common strategies employed by the community were open burning, dumping, composting, recycling, reuse, and burying. Judging from the activities undertaken by the community of Makokoba a conclusion can be that there is poor solid waste management. The community has a very low outcome on community participation activities to ensure effective solid waste management. It is suggested that there can be financial support directed to Makokoba residential suburb concerning sustainable solid waste management by the Bulawayo City Council. The residents of Makokoba should develop a positive attitude towards solid waste management.
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