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Title: A Study of the Impact of Globalisation Oon Indigenous Conflict Management Mechanisms in Sobendle Ward in Lupane District, Zimbabwe.
Authors: Sibanda, Duduzile
Keywords: globalisation
conflict management mechanisms
conflict mechanisms
community members
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The research sought to examine the impact of globalization on the indigenous conflict management mechanisms that are used in the Sobendle Ward in Lupane district, Zimbabwe. The objectives of the study were to identify different indigenous conflict management mechanisms in Sobendle ward, identify the impact of globalization on indigenous conflict management systems and examine the impact of globalization on indigenous conflict mechanisms. A case study was used as the research design and interviews were used to collect data. The study was used to Afrocentrism theory. Findings reveal that to a greater extent globalization has had a negative impact on indigenous conflict resolution mechanism at Sobendle. Globalization has led to lack of respect for the indigenous mechanism; the NGOs expose people to western ways. Because of Christianity people no longer observe traditional methods. People now prefer western ways of resolving conflicts. However, a few people feel that globalization has improved the judicial system since they can punish murders and rapists. The study makes recommendations to the government, the local traditional leaders and community members.
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