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Title: A Design of Rainwater Harvesting and Drip Irrigation System for Ornamental Plants at Lupane State University Hostels and Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Buildings.
Authors: Mbira, Tinashe L.
Keywords: Rainwater Harvesting
Drip Irrigation System
Ornamental Plants
Climate change
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Climate change and variability have caused water scarcity and shortages in many areas around the world. Ways of water demand management and conserving have been given out to the world. A design of a rainwater harvesting and solar powered drip irrigation system was carried out at Lupane State University as a way of curbing potential water shortages, which might hinder sustainable development of the University. Designs were made so that rainwater was collected from the catchment areas to underground reservoirs. The estimated amount of harvestable water at LSU was 9 387 m3 and the crop water and irrigation requirements for the ornamental plants was 8 000m3. The designed reservoirs were located at (18o56’59.29”S 27o45’42.47”E) and (18o56’39.00”S 27o45’49.50”E) and were of volume 1578m3 and 7798m3 respectively. Solar powered drip irrigation with a 2700WP array, 4 1/hr. drippers was designed and with a conveyance pipeline of 50mm and manifolds of 25mm. the area to be irrigated is 0.5 ha and the cost of implementing the design is US$143 736.50. The designed project had an internal rate of return of 5%, Net Present Value of -$37 489.00 and B/C Ratio of 1.6 at a discount rate of 20%. Thus under the given assumptions, the project is environmentally, socially and financially viable and it is recommended that LSU implement the project and also to include rainwater harvesting systems in future buildings to be built at the University.
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