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Title: A STEMitised curriculum development for informal vendors. The case of informal vendors near the Bulawayo Large City Hall. Conference paper presented at Troutbeck Resort Centre, March 2018
Authors: Ngwenya, Gabriel
Ngwenya, Khanyisani
Keywords: TVET
informal traders
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Curriculum planning and development has since been viewed as mainly targeting students in formal institutions for formal jobs training. The situation in Zimbabwe has drifted the idea of seeking employment to survival strategies. Consequently the prevailing atmosphere has forced the ‘business’ people to operate without training. Irrespective of skills and preparedness, school leavers, and those laid off from work, have found themselves in some kind of ‘businesses’. To this effect, various kinds of jobs are created, but are regarded as informal. It becomes difficult for those employed in this sector to view their ‘businesses’ as life jobs, although they are permanently self-employed. This paper therefore discussed ways that could be harnessed to design and implement a TVETised short courses curriculum that is STEMised to suit this newly formed ‘industry’ to incorporate elemental technology, engineering, math, and science to benefit the informal trader to run businesses, and provide permanent employment solutions to Zimbabwe. There are potentials of entrepreneurship if the informal vendors are skills trained, financed and advised properly. The local government authorities can then formulate ways of creating a tax bracket for informal traders, widening the revenue base for the country. A quantitative research was conducted based on a case study design of informal traders around the Large City Hall in Bulawayo. The study recommends transformation of curriculum development at polytechnics to incorporate informal trading as presenting a training gap that can provide solutions to revive Zimbabwe’ economy.
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