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Title: Experiences of School Dropouts in Rural Communities:
Other Titles: a Case Study of Dombodema Plumtree.
Authors: Majokojoko, Simisani Q.
Keywords: School dropouts
Socio-economic challenges
Educational facilities
Structuration theory
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Lupane State University.
Abstract: The problem of dropout has been described as a cause for concern in Africa and the world over. The problem of dropping out of educational facilities can affect the individual school dropout, his family the economy and society at large. This study focuses on the impacts of dropping out of school at individual level by looking at the experiences of school dropouts in Dombodema. The study broadly brings out the challenges faced by school dropouts in Dombodema and their coping strategies in the current hard socio-economic situation in the country. The structuration theory by Anthony Giddens was used in the analysis of the findings of this study. The study shows that school dropouts in Dombodema face challenges such as failure to acquire permanent and better rewarding jobs, lack of basic literacy skills, dependence in adulthood and discrimination, overburden of household chores/ child labor at home. The study also highlights that school dropouts in Dombodema engage in many activities to cope with socio-economic challenges they face. The coping strategies are largely informal and some of them are illegal, the risk being known to the affected individuals who have no option but to partake in order to survive.
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