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Title: A Process Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme Targeting Uniformed Forces Implemented by the National AIDS Council in Umguza District.
Authors: Mutsambi, Wellington
Keywords: HIV/ AIDS Programme
National AIDS Council
Uniformed Forces
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Lupane State University.
Abstract: This presentation is a process evaluation on an HIV/AIDS PROGRAMME targeting uniformed forces in Umguza district. Though this project is being implemented by the National AIDS council of Zimbabwe in all the district of Zimbabwe coordinated by the District AIDS Coordinator, this evaluation will focus only on the programme implemented in Umguza district. The project was started in January 2015 and is expected to end in 2017. This process evaluation serves to verify what the programme is and whether or not it is delivered as intended to the target recipients. This programme process evaluation serves to assess the programme performance in the area of service utilization and programme organization. Assessing service utilization consists of examining the extent to which the intended target population receives the intended services. The results of a process evaluation might point changes that should be made in a programme in order to improve it in a subsequent implementations. The results of a process evaluation can specify programme status and conditions for accountability purposes. The results can also be used as a needs assessment for the subsequent planning of changes in a program of the introduction of new programmes and interventions.
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