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Title: An analysis into the causes of occupational stress: A case study of Bulawayo passport office.
Authors: Midzi, Silibaziso
Keywords: Occupational stress
Passport office
Human resources function
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: This researcher sought to establish the causes of occupational stress of occupational stress. The main concern of this study was to find lasting solutions on what can be done so as to eliminate if not keeping at min imaL-Ih e all elements that are causing stress to workers, so that they can contribute fully towards the goal achievement. Bearing in mind that human resources practitioners are the most important assets of organizations, without them business goal cannot be realized and so should not be pooled done by occupational stress. A case study of Bulawayo Passport Office was used for this research, and was explanatory in nature.The researcher target population was managerial staff, processing officers and office orderlies.From the target population, a sample of forty four individuals was used. Questionnaires and interviews were used as search subjects. Questionnaires and interviews were used as research instruments. Purposeful sampling provided a platform for best and accurate information to be obtained through the target some certain individuals yet at the simple random sampling created a basis for equal participation of all. The researcher was both qualitative and quantitative in nature.Quantitative data was presented in the form of table and pie charts, while qualitative data, narrative information was also used to present data, where respondent’s opinions were put down in standard writing style. Findings of the research showed that stress was caused mostly by human resource practices, as workload, working conditions, health and safety conditions,conflicting roles, lack of career planning, lack of training, it was also found that management and human resources practitioners were more into production and revue generation that employees orientation. Recommendations formulated to help minimize occupational stress were human resources management must improve working conditions, communication system, widening the staff establishment. It is hoped that this research’s findings and recommendation will go a long way in assisting the key role players (human resources function) who are directly responsible for promoting a good welfare of employees stress free environment.
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