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Title: The Impact of Commercialization of State Owned Entities in Zimbabwe with Reference to the Cold Storage Company.
Authors: Mhlanga, Linda T.
Keywords: Commercialization
Corporate governance policy
Economic crisis
Legal framework
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: Lupane State University.
Abstract: The study sought to assess the impact of commercialization of state owned entities in Zimbabwe with reference to Cold Storage Company (CSC). The study adopted a quantitative research paradigm. The study adopted a survey design in which questionnaires were distributed to the employees and the clients of CSC and interviews were administered to the management of CSC. The research adopted cluster sampling. A sample of 35 questionnaires was distributed to the employees of CSC and 35 questionnaires were distributed to customers of CSC. A total of eight interviews were administered to the management of CSC. Data was collected from primary and secondary sources. The findings revealed that the operational challenges faced by the state owned entities were corruption and looting, poor management, under capitalization, obsolete machinery, unrealistic salaries paid to the top management and political interferences. The study also revealed that the main reasons for the commercialization of the state owned entities are to improve efficiency, accountability, transparency and decision making. The study revealed that lack of political will, economic crisis, lack of corporate governance policy, lack of legal framework and limited resources and also uncooperative attitudes of some government officials were the barriers faced in the commercialization of the state owned entities. The study recommended that the members of the public should be informed and be involved in the commercialization process and the parastatals should not be militarized in order to enable employment of skilled people. The study also recommended that further study should be done on the analysis of the effects of public involvement on the commercialization of the state owned entities in Zimbabwe.
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