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Title: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Financial Performance of a Zimbabwean Insurance Company. Case Study of NicozDiamond
Authors: Mlilo, Buyisiwe Naomi
Keywords: Financial performance
Good corporate citizenship
Corporate Social Responsibility
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The study seeks to assess the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the financial Performance of NicozDiamond Company. Corporate Social Responsibility is the essential on enhancing the financial of an entity in the sense that being social aware assists in creating a good relationship with external stakeholders. The study compared between two theories of CSR which are the theories of Carroll and Friedman. The theory of CSR by Carroll states that companies should simultaneously make profit for its stockholders at the same time being social responsible while the theory by Friedman states that Corporate Social Responsibility has no effect in the financial status of a company. Its main thrust was to provide a detail view of whether company’s investment on social activities on the economy has any significant influence on the financial performance of an organisation. This project looks at a case study of NicozDiamond insurance company which is listed in the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange in 1 January 2001. CSR theories are examined from different angles and how they are applied in different countries according to traditions and values. The multiple regression method was used to test the relationship between one dependent variable (EPS) and two independent variables, and the three variables hypothesis includes CSR, leverage and earnings per share. Secondary data was used and it was collected from the company website and Zimbabwe stock Exchange website. The data collected will be analysed using SPSS version 22 and the findings were presented in form of tables. The findings of this study proved that there is a significant positive relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance. Thus, Corporate Social Responsibility has an impact of the financial status of the company. Recommendations for further studies on the same or similar research are to increase the sample size, compare CSR implementations of other countries with those of the country to check for effectiveness of its activities on firm’s performance.
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