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Title: Promoting Quality Assurance in Zimbabwean Higher Education Institutions; Concepts, Systems and Processes
Authors: Tapera, Julius
Keywords: Higher Education Institutions,
Quality Management Systems,
Quality Assurance,
Total Quality Management,
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: This paper explores the promotion of quality assurance in Zimbabwean Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), looking at the key concepts and the various systems, procedures and processes that have been and may be instituted to promote high quality standards in academic provision. The background to the Zimbabwean Higher Education Sector and the context within which the HEIs are formulating and implementing quality management systems is given. Literature on quality assurance, defining quality broadly and within the higher education context has been reviewed. In particular the quality of teaching, learning, research and the provision of support services is also reviewed. The paper also focuses on institutional accreditation and the accreditation of degree programmes in higher education institutions. Best practices in quality assurance, and the various concepts that higher education institutions can pursue in ensuring high quality standards in academic provision have been articulated. The literature review also cover the various systems, procedures and processes that support the formulation and effective implementation of quality assurance policies in HEIs. The researchers conclude that the importance of quality assurance in higher education cannot be overemphasised given the rate at which both private and state-owned universities are growing in Zimbabwe. The quality of academic provision should be reflected in the input, processes and output. It is on the basis of these conclusions that the researchers recommend the introduction of a formal qualification for all lecturers in Zimbabwean universities, formal qualification for all quality assurance practitioners in higher education and some empirical research to evaluate the extent to which HEIs in Zimbabwe are complying with quality academic standards in the provision of higher education.
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