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Title: Impact of Logistics and Procurement on Non-Governmental Organizational Performance. (A Case Study of CNFA Amalima
Authors: Moyo, Antonette
Keywords: Procurement
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Procurement and logistics practices have a major impact on organizational performance. Both logistics and procurement practices have become important and central in the commercial and humanitarian organizations from the realization of the role they play in the overall performance of the organizations. The objective of the study was to establish the procurement logistics practices used by CNFA and examine the relationship with the NGO performance. Furthermore, the study also establishes the challenges faced by CNFA in adopting procurement and logistics practices. The study adopted a descriptive research design and the target population was 30 respondents from Amalima project. Purposive and judgmental sampling was used to select the sample size of 30 respondents. Primary data was collected using structured and unstructured questionnaire and their validity and reliability was pre-tested using a pilot study. The collected data was summarized, coded and put in tables and analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20.0. The study established that certain procurement and logistics practices were followed by the organisation though there were facing challenges in adopting all the practices. Procurement practices included purchasing ethics, procurement risk management and negotiation practices. Inventory management, warehouse management and transport management are some of the logistics practices. The study also established that procurement and logistics practices play an important role in the performance of CNFA Amalima. This is shown by timely delivery of project materials sites and quality materials. Lack of training program on procurement and varying supplier standards are some of the challenge hindering CNFA in the adoption of procurement practices. Limited collaboration and coordination, lack of training programs on logistic are some of the challenges hindering the adoption of logistics practices. The study recommendations on procurement practices included that the procurement teams at CNFA Amalima should adopt electronic procurement or procurement software and conduct training programs on procurement practices. Recommendations on logistics practices included adopting a culture of collaboration and coordination so as to eliminate disruption in information flow, consider the economy current situation when implementing logistics policies and procedures finally workshops should be conducted so as to train logistics staffs on various practice that there should adopt to improve organisational performance.
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