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Title: Investigating the Challenges Faced by Female Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. A Case Study of Bulawayo Projects Centre
Authors: Nyirenda, Abigail
Keywords: female entrepreneurs
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The objective of the study was to investigate the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. The study was carried out Bulawayo Projects Centre in Bulawayo. Research findings on the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs were presented. The study aimed at investigating the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs so as to come up with solutions by making recommendations to the study. The primary data and secondary data revealed challenges that female entrepreneurs face these are lack of finance, lack of education, conflicting gender roles, cultural values amongst others which are a barrier to the growth and development of female entrepreneurs. The study used a qualitative methodology. The target population referred to all female entrepreneurs at Vocational Training Centres, however a sample size of 10 female entrepreneurs was used drawn from Bulawayo Projects Centre.10 respondents were used to collect data and the response was 100%.10 questionnaires were distributed and 10 interviews and a focus group discussion were conducted with 10 female entrepreneurs. The reason for using these techniques was to gain much richer information from the female entrepreneurs. The researcher used purposive sampling in the study. Both primary (first-hand information from the current study) and secondary data (published material from journals, textbooks and internet) were used in the study. The data gathered was presented in graphs (bar and cylinder), frequency tables and pie charts. The study revealed that challenges faced by female entrepreneurs hinder their growth, cause closure of ventures and some not attempting to venture at all. The chief barrier was finance, gender roles and discrimination among others. It was evident that if challenges faced by female entrepreneurs are addressed the Zimbabwean Economy can become competitive as proven in the study that female entrepreneurs are energetic and vibrant thus potential to change the nation. Therefore there is a need to come up with policies and programs, make women organization visible and eliminate the cumbersome registration processes to ensure that female entrepreneurs are fully equipped to perform to their full potential. All these means stated above should aim at making female entrepreneurs better.
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