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Title: An Investigation of the Effects of High Labour Turnover in the Growth and Development of SMEs: A Case of Straitia Beverages Investment Company. Zimbabwe
Authors: Sibanda, Anile
Keywords: growth
labour turnover
Small and Medium Enterprises
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The study sought the effects of labour turnover in the growth and development of SMEs. The study was carried out at Straitia Beverages Investment Company for the period 2016 to 2017. Research findings on the effects of labour turnover in the growth and development of SMEs were presented. The study was aimed at investigating the effects of labour turnover at Staritia Beverages Investment Company, the causes and how labour turnover can be minimised so as to promote the growth and development of the Small and Medium Enterprises. In literature review, the study pointed out that most authors agreed that Labour Turnover is a threat to the operations of many companies be it Small or large. The researcher used qualitative research methodology. A target population of 140 employees at Straitia Beverages was examined. 42 respondents of the target population were used to collect data, and 85% response rate was achieved. 42 questionnaires were distributed and verbal interviews were conducted with managers. The population was stratified into managerial and non-managerial; this was done to ensure that data is collected from a balanced population. Random sampling was used in distributing questionnaire for both management and non-managerial employees. The study was carried out through the use of primary sources of data. Data gathered was analysed through Statistical Package of Social Sciences SPSS 20 and presented in tables graphs and pie charts. The study has revealed that if Straitia Beverages Investment Company together with other SMEs make use of the proper effective retention strategies the problem of high labour turnover will be reduced, thereby leading to growth and development of Small and Medium Enterprises. The majority of respondents agreed that labour turnover is indeed a cost to the organisation not only looking at monetary costs but also looking at non- financial costs and there was need for the organisation to come up with strategies which will retain skilled and experienced employees
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