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Title: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Corporate Entrepreneurship in Parastatals: The Case of Scientific Centre (SIRDC).
Authors: Nyazika, Bernard
Keywords: corporate entrepreneurship
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Even though studies have been undertaken to assess the effectiveness of corporate entrepreneurship in organizations, research linking its effectiveness in parastatals in a developing economy are rare or nonexistent .This study was conceived on the realization of that gap. The objective of the study was assessing the effectiveness of corporate entrepreneurship at the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre taking into consideration proactiveness, risk taking and innovativeness. The study was designed to answer the following research questions .What is the influence of proactiveness on the performance of SIRDC, the extend of risk taking, the level of innovatiness at SIRDC and the effectiveness of corporate entrepreneurship. Data was done using structured questionnaires and face to face interviews using primary data and secondary data sources. Data presentation was by using of tables, pie charts, percentages and bar graphs. The findings of the study confirmed that corporate entrepreneurship plays positive role to the viability of SIRDC .The study also established that lack of financial resources are hampering the growth of corporate entrepreneurship in Parastatals such as SIRDC. The findings also revealed that SIRDC was the only parastatal that focuses on proactiveness, risk taking and innovation the dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship at varying levels of implementation. The study also unearthed various obstacles that stifle the effectiveness of corporate entrepreneurship at SIRDC such as failure to create a corporate entrepreneurial environment , lack of top management commitment ,lack of planning, lack of resources for projects and a bureaucratic organizational structure.. The study recommended that Government as the major stakeholder in SIRDC should avail financial resources to support corporate entrepreneurship .It must change its focus from small to medium businesses only and embrace corporate entrepreneurship models to improve the effectiveness of parastatals such as SIRDC and create employment. Commitment among senior management at SIRDC is highly recommended in order
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