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Title: Analysis of Leadership and Other Factors Influencing the Success of Cooperative Societies in Bulawayo (A Case of Masakhane Traders Association)
Authors: Ncube, Peter
Keywords: sustainable entrepreneurship
business entities
baking industry
survival strategies
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Entrepreneurial sustainability is the mainstay of and drives organisational success. The cutthroat competition, globalisation and the dynamic business environment call for business entities to be creative, innovative and futuristic in their approach for them to be successful and continue doing business on a profitable footing. This study examined factors affecting sustainable entrepreneurship in the baking industry in Bulawayo. A case study focusing on Bakrite Bakery was adopted to establish the factors that affect sustainable entrepreneurship in the baking industry in Bulawayo and qualitative research was utilised. Noting the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship, this study had the following objectives: (a) to explore the factors behind sustainable entrepreneurship at Bakrite Bakery. (b) to establish entrepreneurial opportunities available to Bakrite Bakery. (c) to determine the challenges faced by Bakrite Bakery. (d) to explore the survival strategies or mechanisms employed by Bakrite Bakery. The research can conclude that Bakrite is as sustainable entrepreneurship venture as evidenced by the fact that the venture is now nine years old and is still growing. There are a number of factors which were attributed as responsible for sustainable entrepreneurship. More so, the study established that there are many opportunities for growth and sustainable entrepreneurship at Bakrite bakery. This study makes plausible recommendations to solve the negative consequences of sustainable entrepreneurship at Bakrite Bakery and the baking industry in general.
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