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Title: Perceptions of Teachers towards the Use of Interactive Methods of Teaching English to Enhance Oral Communication at Zjc Level in Mzilikazi District Schools, Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Authors: Sibanda, Thulisile
Keywords: teachers
oral communication
intaractive methods
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The main focus of the study was on the perceptions of teachers towards the use of interactive methods of teaching English to enhance oral communication at ZJC level in Mzilikazi district schools. Quite often teachers prefer teaching methods that make their work easier, thus the researcher felt that it is of paramount importance that teachers use interactive methods of teaching to enhance oral communication. The study was carried out in three schools that include Magwegwe High, Njube High and Sikhulile High. The participants include fifteen teachers (15) and one hundred and fifty pupils. The researcher used the qualitative approach that researches participants in their environment. It is going to be glued with descriptive research design where information was gathered using observations and interviews. Research findings reveal that teachers have different perceptions towards the use of interactive methods in the teaching and learning of English. Some felt that interactive methods are tiresome, time consuming and difficult to monitor large classes if used frequently. Interactive methods also lead to some pupils being left behind as they rely on active students within the group they are in. Pupils can progress well in oral communication if different interactive methods are used frequently. The participants revealed that there were measures to minimize the challenges the faced which are remediation, giving pupils homework and the use of pair work method of teaching. The research ends with some recommendations and the main recommendation is that the Ministry of Education should facilitate staff development seminars and workshops at provincial, district and cluster level to address the indifferent attitude of teachers towards the employment of the interactive methods of teaching. This should be done in order to ensure that teachers adopt a reflective stance towards learner differences so as to promote equal participation of all pupils in a bid to improve pupils’ performance in class.
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