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Title: The Impact of Using the Internet in the Teaching and Learning of Fashion and Fabrics at Mandwandwe High School
Authors: Ndlovu, Chantell Lubalethu
Keywords: internet
fashion and fabrics
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The study explored the impact of using the internet in teaching and learning of Fashion and Fabrics at Mandwandwe High School. It was observed in the previous years that learners have had poor performance in Fashion and Fabrics and several methods have been employed but to no avail. The research’s objectives were to find out how best the internet can be used in teaching and learning of Fashion and Fabrics. The target population was 30 learners who take Fashion and Fabrics as their practical subject and 5 teachers. Data were collected through questionnaires, interviews and observations. It was presented and analysed using the SPSS software. Data was interpreted and presented in tables and graphs. The study established that the limited network coverage, few laptops in the department and the fact that learners are not allowed to bring cellphones at school is a fact that hinders major use of the internet in teaching and learning of Fashion and Fabrics. All these challenges come as a result of financial challenges prevalent in the country. This led to the conclusion that the school needs to purchase more computers, allow all learners to have access to the computer lab regardless of the practical subject they are doing and to increase the network coverage in the school area
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