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Title: Investigating the Implementation of ICT in the Teaching and Learning of A’ Level Biology in High Schools in Mangwe District, Plumtree
Authors: Moyo, Freeman
Keywords: teaching
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: A study was undertaken in investigating the implementation of ICT in the teaching and learning of A’ Level Biology in High schools in Mangwe district. The major aim was to bring out the major factors which were affecting the implementation of ICT in the teaching and learning of A’ Level Biology. A mixed approach design was used to carry out this study. From a total of 4 schools offering A’ Level Biology in Mangwe District, 58 Lower 6 Biology learners participated in interviews, while 11 A’ Level Science teachers answered some questionnaires. In the study, it was discovered that teachers had a positive attitude towards the use of ICT for A’ Level Biology lessons. The study also established that most of the learners had personal computers, schools had computer labs with computers, LCD projectors and also access to the internet. However it was also discovered that there was poor internet connectivity in schools which was rarely available for learners. Computer labs were reported to be inaccessible for Biology lessons, and that schools did not allow learners to bring their personal computers to schools, thus lowering the learner computer ratio. Some schools were not giving LCD projectors to Biology teachers. Another finding was that there is erratic power supply. The researcher concluded that even though schools in Mangwe District had the needed infrastructure, ICT was being implemented to a lesser extent in the teaching and learning of A’ Level Biology in high schools in Mangwe District. The researcher looked at some possible solutions, which included, offering more staff development sessions in ICT. There was need for schools to avail more computers to Biology lessons, either by buying computers or allowing learners to bring personal computers to schools. Another solution was for schools to upgrade available internet facilities, and also for schools to source for alternative power sources such as generators in the event of power cuts. The researcher feels that there is need for teachers to use special software tools for Biology, so as to make the learning of the subject easier and more relevant. The research made the researcher conclude that there is more which needed to be done in the implementation of ICT in the learning and teaching of A’ Level Biology, as schools were lagging behind in this area.
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