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Title: An Assessment of the Reasons for the Gender Gap in the Choice of Stem Subjects. A Case of 2 Selected Schools of Matabeleland South Province of Zimbabwe.
Authors: Luphahla, Silence
Keywords: STEM
gender differences
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Gender differences have disappeared in many educational settings, yet male and female students remain strongly segregated across Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), This study sought to find out why fewer girls do STEM related subjects compared to boys and also compared to other subjects in High Schools. The study looked at whether girls are unable to pass STEM related subjects as much as boys or not. It also looked at the factors that may bring about this gender. The researcher used purposive and convenience sampling. The sample size had a total of 60 participants, 50 pupils and 10 teachers. Data was obtained through the use of questionnaires and interviews. The qualitative data was analysed according to responses obtained. Evidence from the study shows that girls can perform equally well as boys in STEM related subjects. This eliminates inability as cause of the gender gap in STEM related subjects. The data obtained shows that some of the reasons for the gender gap in STEM related subjects include fear of failing STEM subjects, stereo typing in STEM related jobs, dress code in STEM related jobs, lack of interest in STEM related subjects as well as little understanding of the advantages of taking Stem related subjects. The researcher together with some respondents suggested recommendations to overcome the gender gap in STEM related subjects. Some of these include educating pupils of the awareness that girls can perform successfully as boys in STEM subjects, teaching against stereotyping in STEM related, including more of STEM related jobs during career fairs. Teaching on the advantages and importance of taking STEM related subjects as well as providing more sponsorship and scholarships to STEM related field and studies especially to the girl child.
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