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Title: Effectiveness of Mobile Banking on Service Delivery in Zimbabwean Banks.
Authors: Dube, Angel
Keywords: mobile banking
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: This study aimed at assessing the effectiveness of mobile banking on service delivery amongst Zimbabwean banks. It dealt with four specific objectives which included, evaluating mobile banking in service delivery; identifying potential benefits in use of mobile banking, to traditional system. The study involved respondents who were mobile banking users in Bulawayo. The sample was obtained through purposive sampling techniques. The sample size for the study was 50 respondents. Primary data was collected using questionnaires. Data collected were analyzed and processed through descriptive analysis, organized and presented using tables, charts. The results showed generally that mobile banking services has great efficacy on customers‟ satisfaction. In addition the results found that challenges facing customers in using mobile banking services include network problems and high service charges. It is therefore recommended that first, the owners of mobile phone companies, banks and all stakeholders in this industry should work together to resolve network problems. Additionally both parties should work together to ensure that customers transaction are processed on time to avoid delays and complain
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