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dc.contributor.authorNdlovu, Christopher-
dc.description.abstractThe social fabric is the force that brings the society together so that there is social cohesion and stability. It is only when the society is in a stable condition that development and the realisation of social goals are attainable, hence the need to strengthen the social fabric. Over the past decade the social fabric of Zimbabwe has been in a free fall, leading to a state of anarchy and fear. Indicators like corruption, lawlessness, violence, indiscipline to name a few have been used as evidence that our fabric is now held by few threads. A study carried out at Solusi community has found out that this community has a very strong social fabric that binds the whole community together in a harmonious way. One hundred participants picked using a stratified random sampling method was used in the study. 68% of the participants attributed a strong social fabric at Solusi community to the role played by the church. The participants strongly felt that the teachings by the church produced responsible and responsive individuals that are always there for others in this community. 15% of the participants felt that the education institution had a significant role in strengthening of the social fabric at Solusi. The participants argue that educated individuals tend to be more responsible in the societal development. 9% of the participants felt that the absence of night clubs has led to peace in the community 8% of the participants had other views on the strong social fabric in the Solusi community.This paper argues that the church as a socialisation agent should be given more space and time to influence the Zimbabwean Society. The church’s teachings should permeate all the social avenues of the society so that our social fabric might be strengthened and all our developmental directions be achieved.en_US
dc.publisherLupane State Universityen_US
dc.subjectsocial fabricen_US
dc.subjectsocial goalsen_US
dc.titleThe role of the church in strengthening the Zimbabwe’s social fabric: the case of Solusi communityen_US
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