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Title: An investigation into the determinants of household food insecurity in rural arears a case of Silonga village in Gwanda Zimbabwe.
Authors: Moyo, Concilia
Keywords: food insecurity
Rural areas
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: This study aims to explore determinants of food insecurity in Selonga a rural area in Gwanda Zimbabwe. The research approach used is of qualitative where data collection was mainly through in depth interview guideline was used. Interviews were conducted the Silonga villagers, and some information was obtained from the kraal head. This dissertation also exposes the impact of food insecurity, in Selonga and also the survival strategies, and that the determinants food insecurity vary across household and the determinants include high levels of poverty, migration, infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS. Like many other rural areas Selonga faces rural poverty that affects most household in food insecurity. The dissertation also provide in detail the alternatives livelihoods that Selonga people adopted to curb food insecurity, pictures to show the adopted activities are employed.
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