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Title: A Process evaluation of small scale livestock production and enhanced marketing project
Authors: Chidhuku, Evans
Keywords: Drought
irrigation schemes
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Erratic low rainfall patterns and recurrent droughts in the district affected crop production. The country’s economic meltdown worsened the situation impeding government from investing in infrastructures like irrigation schemes to reverse the situation. Resultantly, families failed to provide enough food and earn cash for their an effort to improve food security, plan implemented a small livestock (goat) pass –on project buttressed with market development skills trainings. The pass-on entails that, the first line recipients received two “she” goats which they would pass on to the next beneficiary in a group of six and remain with the offspring after a year.300 farmer groups in 8 wards of Mutare district benefited. Market development provided farmers with ready market to sell their surplus goats and other value products like meat, milk and leather. The process evaluation assessed whether the project conformed to its initial plan to address the key problems as set out in the needs assessment and project proposal. Document review, focus group discussions (FDGS), household structured questionnaires and key informant interview (KII) were used for data collection. The sampling was purposive, targeting families knowledgeable on issues relevant to the study. Graphs and tables were used to present the data. Major findings were that, the project is making immense effort to address the key problems as set out in the needs assessment and project proposal. Delays in the procurement and distribution of goats due to local market incapacity to mobilize enough goat quantities affected project progress. This scenario was also aggravated by significant losses of goats faced due to acclimazation challenges
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