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Title: Community based organization and child poverty reduction in urban Zimbabwe. A case study of Nguboyenja Children’s Hope Initiative.
Authors: Kasiwake, Sharon
Keywords: HIV/AIDS
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Countries in the Southern African region are facing an unprecedented crisis with children. As HIV and AIDS, poverty and war go unabated, the situation of children has become critical. The AIDS crisis has overwhelmed the existing modern and traditional systems such that it has become burdensome to take care of the OVC. Efforts by the government have not proven to be effectively in medicating the issue of child poverty therefore communities have risen in a bid to solve the issue of child poverty. A study was conducted in the Nguboyenja area in Bulawayo, the study sought to interrogate the effectiveness of a community based organization (NCHI) in addressing child poverty through PSS, educational assistance and family support. The objectives of the study are to identify the situation of child poverty in Nguboyenja and to identify the role of NCHI in addressing child poverty and to interrogate the effectiveness of NCHI in addressing child poverty through PSS, education and family support. The data for the study was collected over a week through focus group discussions, key informant interviews and qualitative drawings. Analysis of the data reveals that NCHI has a central role in the community in addressing child poverty through PSS, education and family support. The study therefore emulates that community based organizations possess in them an alternative effective way of eradicating child poverty in light of development. The study recommends that, donors should explore the possibility of employing CBOs as the alternative means of eradicating poverty. There is need to put in place more intervention programs to address the problems that are usually associated with OVC by community based organizations.
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