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Title: The Influence of Managerial and Entrepreneurial Competencies on Police Ventures. A Case of Bulawayo Metropolitan Province.
Authors: Ndlovu, Luba
Keywords: entrepreneurs
entrepreneurial competences
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: This research study focused on the lack of managerial and entrepreneurial competencies as the cause of the failure of Police ventures. Therefore this study seeks to find out which competencies Police officers or managers’ lack in the running of Police ventures despite the captive market and monopoly they have in Police camps. These ventures are becoming an important element because they have the potential to support and sustain police activities in Zimbabwe. The constitutional role of the Police is fundamental in the development of the country by ensuing peace and order. Therefore it is against this background that identifying the deficiencies of the managerial and entrepreneurial competencies, it may foster a solution that can improve the management and running of police ventures. The research project highlights briefly the purpose of the study, as well as the approach taken by the researcher to address the Research problem. It further reviews the available literature on managerial and entrepreneurial competencies in venture success. The study details the research methodology which mirrors the type of research carried out and the field work conducted by the researcher. The summaries of findings from the researcher’s observations, interviews and the responses from questionnaires will be analyzed. Some of the outcomes indicate that managers manning police ventures located at police stations lack managerial and entrepreneurial competencies and direct most of their energy on fighting crime than police ventures. This study will expose the managerial and entrepreneurial competencies manning Police ventures. The following were the research conclusions after reviewing above research studies, the researcher found that , persistence, risk taking, internal locus of control, self-confidence, need for achievement, passion, commitment and career skills , are the commonly used managerial and entrepreneurial competencies by successful and effective managers in Zimbabwe Republic Police. The venture success largely depends upon the set of competencies a manager possess. There were recommendations suggested on how to improve, promote managerial and entrepreneurial competencies needed for Police venture success: holding seminars, commercialize the ventures and be run independently from Police duties.
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