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Title: An assessment of the viability of business model in the contemporary business environment. A case of local authorities.
Authors: Ndlovu N, J
Shumba, V
Zachariah, J
Mafumbathe, J
Keywords: Business model
Contemporary business
Income generating projects
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management
Abstract: The aim of this research was to come up with strategies that could identify the different business model engaged by the local authorities, determine business models at the nerve of local authority failure in the Income generating projects, identify obstacles faced by councils for them to change their model, propose business modelling in councils as well as mapping the strategic needs for business modelling. With a tense competitive environment to which the organisations is exposed to, thus apart from the ever changing consumer taste and demands in the macro- economic environment the researchers found out that the income generating projects were not performing well in the market compared to other private operators. Despite the fact that the income generating projects have been subjected to fierce competition after de-regularisation in some sectors allowing new independent player to operate, still there was a gap that needed to be filled as their performance is in doldrums. The literature has also been used to draw recommendation and conclusions, Questionnaires were the main source to extract information in the field of survey. Local authorities, custodians of local governments and interested parties were engaged from the southern region of the country, Zimbabwe. Careful analysis of the data gathered was done by using both qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods. Some of the recommendations include practising total quality management, customer and public relations apart from having business modelling as a practice in the management of income generating projects.
ISSN: 2348 0386
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