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Title: An assessment of the influence of organisational culture on employee performance. A case study of Arenel (PVT) LTD.
Authors: Ncube, Sidumisile
Keywords: Culture
Organisational culture
Employee performance
Organisation goals
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The primary objective of this study was to assess the influence organisational culture has on employee performance at Arenel (Pvt) Ltd. This article focuses on defining and measuring of organizational culture and its impact on the employee performance, through an analysis of existing empirical studies and models link with the organizational culture and performance. After analysis of wide literature, it is found that organizational culture has deep influence on the variety of organizations process, employees and their performance. If employee are committed and having the same norms and value as per organizations have, this can increase the performance toward achieving the overall organization goals (Kotter and Heskett 1992). Managers and leaders are recommended to develop the strong culture in the organization to improve the overall performance of the employees and organization. The research study carried out involved consisted of thirty two employees from Arenel. The research design used was descriptive research method and questionnaires were disseminated to respondents as the research methods so as to get their views on the subject. Data presentation was done with the aid of tables, graphs, pie charts and bar graphs. The data was then described and interpreted in a way understandable to readers. From the research study it was revealed that the components of the existing culture were leading to minimum performance by the employees. Some employees concerned with the lack of feedback on the execution of task and also the lack of acknowledgement of achieving set standards of performance. The other concern was that employees felt that they were not trusted to effectively perform their duties, and also they were concerned with the lack of goal clarity as they did not know what was expected of them.
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