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Title: A study into the causes of decline in the number of foreign flights in Zimbabwe`s Aviation Industry.
Authors: Ndlovu, Njabulo
Keywords: civil aviation authority
foreign flights
technology and infrastructure
techno parks and industrial clusters
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: International Journal of Management , IT and Engineering
Abstract: The researcher seeks to investigate the causes of decline of foreign flights to Zimbabwe. The civil aviation authority o f Zimbabwe owns all the airports in Zimbabwe and it has experienced a heavy decline of airlines coming to its airports and this has led to a drastic decline in revenue that has negatively affected the economy of Zimbabwe. The main research objectives are to identify the causes of this decline, to assess the impact of this decline to the performance of civil aviation authority of Zimbabwe, and to the economy. The study further tries to establish the strategies that can be used address the causes of the decline. Primary data and secondary data were used to extract information that is relevant. Questionnaires, interviews, and participatory observation were used as research instruments in order to gather relevant information related to this research. Data was collected through questionnaires that were sent to airline representatives and air travellers. Out of 24 questionnaires distributed 18 were returned. Interviews were also used to extract information from directors, managers and staff of CAAZ. A total of 16 CAAZ members were interviewed. Observations at Joshua Mqabuko and Harare international airports were also done by the researcher. Findings from the study embarked on revealed that it is not only political reasons that have led to the decline as it is widely argued by the responsible authorities. Competition, service quality, economic environment, social environment and technology among others have played a part.
ISSN: 2249-0558
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