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Title: The assessment of the contribution of the SME sector to economic growth in Zimbabwe.
Authors: Pori, Tinashe
Keywords: Small medium enterprise (SME)
Developing countries
Economic growth
Financial support
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The Zimbabwean SME sector is an important sector in the Zimbabwean economy and it contributes immensely to national product. Literature states that most economies in developing countries have been developed through establishing a vibrant SME sector. This study seeks to establish the significance of the sector to the Zimbabwean, thereby proving that levels of economic growth can be greatly improved by the facilitation of the growth of the SME sector.SMEs make significant contributions to the national economy of the country; and can be used as tool to accelerate economic growth. The Government of Zimbabwe, who are meant to be the centre piece in SME financing, have not fully exercised their role. The economic situation in Zimbabwe can be improved if the government and its supporting bodies financially supportthe growth of the SME sector, as this sector has a potential for growth. This research was descriptive approach, with aim of outlining the significance of the SME sector in the Zimbabwe. This will encourage government and it’s supporting to fund the growth of the SME, as this sector is the key to economic growth.
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