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Title: The demonstrative in Zimbabwean Kalanga
Authors: Moyo, Judith
Keywords: Demonstrative
Morphological Theories
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: Literature on Kalanga grammar is so limited in Zimbabwe of which the study at hand is meant to contribute to that effect. This study provides a detailed account on how the Zimbabwean Kalanga demonstrative is constructed. Main focus is on the construction of the first position (this/these), second position (that/those) and the third position (that over there/ those over there) demonstratives. The main objectives of the study are to describe the internal structure of the demonstrative as well as explaining the phonological changes occurring during the construction of the demonstrative. Qualitative research method is used with intuitive research technique and participatory observation employed. Distinctive feature and Morpheme based morphological theories are the appropriate theories in attaining the set objectives. Some observations made during the course of the study necessitated a brief hint on the morpho-syntax of the Kalanga demonstrative. The issue of strong and weak classes has raised some notable observations since it has a bearing in these constructions. However, the study addresses these issues explicitly. Some recommendations are outlined to highlight controversial issues as well as invite further studies on particular issues. Generally, it is hoped that this study will benefit individuals, and institutions with an interest in establishing a Kalanga grammar book. Above all, the study is meant to motivate aspiring researchers on Kalanga grammar since this is a teething field in Zimbabwe
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