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Title: An analysis on how organisational politics affect work relations: A case study of Tsholotsho Hospital.
Authors: Mathabiswana, Maqhawe
Keywords: Organisational politics
Work relations
Health delivery system
Interdepartmental communication
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: Lupane State University
Abstract: The primary objective of this study was to analyse how organisational politics affects work relations at Tsholotsho District Hospital. This study was motivated by the structure of the institution which is a recipe for organisational politics. The health delivery system in Zimbabwe structure is composed of three arms the Clinicians (Medical), Para-medical and administration staff which are sometimes referred to as nonmedical staff, and the composition is a recipe for organizational politics to affect relations. A review of literature further indicated the institution set up is a recipe for organisational politics as postulated by many different authors. As stated by Kacmar and Carlson (1997) who said politics consist of at least two parties with the potential to possess different interests must be involved. Studies have long argued that politics is epidemic phenomenon in organization and that it deserves more attention and empirical examination Gandaz &Marray (1980). The research study carried out involved consisted of thirty-eight respondents from the Tsholotsho District Hospital staff. The respondent were made up of twenty-three medical staff, five paramedical and ten nonmedical staff. The research design used was descriptive research method and questionnaires were disseminated to respondents as the research methods so as to get their views on the subject. Data presentation was done with the aid of tables, pie charts and bar graphs. The data was then described and interpreted in a way understandable to readers. From the research study it was revealed that in Tsholotsho hospital organisational politics affect work relations as it interfere with organisational process such as decision making. It also affect the flow of information as communication lines are disturbed by withholding of information by other individual for their own benefit. It was also revealed that the most affected components of work relations are Interdepartmental communication and collaboration of departments which are vital in a hospital for a good health delivery system. While Self-interest and control power came out in the research as the two main components which drive organisational politics in the institution.
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