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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb- 2Combining ability for resistance to soybean rust in F2 and F3 soybean populationsMaphosa, M. .; Talwana, H.; Tukamuhabwa, P; Gibson, P
May-1993Butritive value of four species of browse preferred by Indeginous goats in a redsoil thornvield in Southern ZimbabweDube, John S.
2011Gender, Irrigation schemes and the Empowerment QuestionKeith, Phiri
2011State of knowledge on breeding for durable resistance to soybean rust disease in the developing worldMaphosa, Mcebisi; Tukamuhabwa, Phinehas
2011State of Knowledge on Breeding for Durable Resistance to Soybean Rust Disease in Developing WorldTukamuhabwa, Phenias; Maphosa, Mcebisi
2012Emerging issues on the sustainability of the community based rural water resources management approach in Zimbabwe: A case study of Gwanda District.Dube, Thulani
Jun-2012Genotype by environment interaction of Advanced Generation Soybean lines for grain yield In Uganda.Mcebisi, Maphosa
Jun-2012An investigation into the impact of Gukurahundi on the development of secondary education. A case study of Lupane district in Matabeleland North province of Zimbabwe (1982-1987).Mayisa, Dumoluhle
Jun-2012An investigation of the effectiveness of participatory theatre in providing a forum for community development: A case study of Bambelela Arts Ensemble.Mtungwa, Nothando C
Jun-2012Genotype by Environment Interaction of Advanced Generation Soybean Lines for Grain Yield in UgandaTukamuhabwa, Nabasriye, M. P; Kabayi, Maphosa, M. P; Asiimwe, M
Aug-2012Analysis of the relevance of traditional leaders and the evolution of traditional leadership in Zimbabwe: A case study of amaNdebeleNdlovu, Mbulisi; Dube, Nkosivile
Aug-2012Enhancing soybean rust resistance through Rpp2, Rpp3 and Rpp4 pair wise gene pyramidingMaphosa, M.; Talwana, H.; Tukamuhabwa, P.
Dec-2012An evaluation of urban community gardens as a poverty alleviation so, strategy: A case study if Entumbane (Ward 10) community gardens in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.Ncube, Phillip
Dec-2012Adoption of conservation farming in Matobo District: challenges and opportunities for enhancing food security in ward 11Nyathi, Sindiso
Dec-2012Women and Climate Change. Are Rural Women Coping? A Case Study of Ward 16 and 17, Nkayi DistrictNdhlovu, Bekezela
2013Negotiating Fieldwork Politics in Development Evaluation: A Case Study of a Women’s Empowerment ProjectDube, Thulani
2013A critical analysis of the use of the ICTs in the Documentation and Publication of Oral Traditions.Mpala, Sabelo; Ndlovu, Mbulisi
Jan-2013An Analysis of the community intervention strategies meant to prevent irregular cross border child migration: the case of Hingwe ward in Bulilima District, PlumtreeNkomo, Share
Jan-2013An investigation into the effectiveness of NGOs activities in poverty alleviation: A case study of Khulasizwe in Bidi, Matobo district.Nyathi, Sikhululekile
Apr-2013Assessment of comparative virulence and resistance in soybean using field isolates of soybean rust.Maphosa, Mcebisi; Talwana, Herbet; Tukamuhabwa, Phinehas