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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016African Industrial Revolution and Strategies for Attracting Foreign Direct Investment for Sustainable Economic Growth & Development in African Countries: The Zimbabwean CaseTapera, Julius
Dec-2013An analysis of the factors affecting formulation and implementation of marketing strategies in the insurance industryTapera, Julius; Gororo, Robert
Nov-2013An Analysis of the Impact of Cultural Transfer on Organizational Performance in the Financial Services Sector (Bulawayo-based financial institutionsTapera, Julius
May-2014An Evaluation of The Affinity For Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) And Willingness To Dilute Shareholding Among Zimbabwean Companies; A Case Study Of Bulawayo-Based CompaniesTapera, Julius; Mawanza, Wilford
Mar-2014The Importance of Strategic Management to Business OrganizationsTapera, Julius
Dec-2013An investigation into the effectiveness of marketing strategies employed by Zimbabwean Insurance companies for creating competitive advantage.Tapera, Julius; Gororo, Robert
Mar-2016Key Success Drivers for Microfinance Institutions in Zimbabwe: Developing Core Competences for Financial InclusionTapera, Julius; Mbira, Leornard
Feb-2015Maximizing Brand Exposure in the 21st Century; Branding as a Strategy for Creating Competitive Edge.Tapera, Julius
May-2016Organizational Culture and Performance in the Financial Services SectorTapera, Julius
Oct-2016Promoting Quality Assurance in Zimbabwean Higher Education Institutions; Concepts, Systems and ProcessesTapera, Julius
2021Quality Orientation in the University Communities in ZimbabweChivasa, Shynet; Tapera, Julius; Kwandayi, Hardson