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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Edging towards a tipping point? An appraisal of the evolution of livelihoods under climate change in semi-arid Matobo, ZimbabweMoyo, Philani; Dube, Thulani
2012Emerging issues on the sustainability of the community based rural water resources management approach in Zimbabwe: A case study of Gwanda District.Dube, Thulani
Dec-2013Engendering politics and parliamentary representation in ZimbabweDube, Thulani
5-Jun-2017The Gender-differentiated Impacts of Climate Change on Rural Livelihoods Labour Requirements in Southern ZimbabweDube, Thulani; Intauno, Sharon; Moyo, Philani; Phiri, Keith
Jan-2016The Impact of Climate Change on Agro-Ecological Based Livelihoods in Africa: A ReviewDube, Thulani; Nyathi, Douglass; Ncube, Moreblessings; Moyo, PHilani
2013Negotiating Fieldwork Politics in Development Evaluation: A Case Study of a Women’s Empowerment ProjectDube, Thulani
May-2013Rural Livelihoods under stress: The impact of Climate change on Livelihoods in South Western ZimbabweDube, Thulani; Phiri, Keith
2-Jun-2019Small grains “resistance”? Making sense of Zimbabwean smallholder farmers’ cropping choices and patterns within a climate change contextPhiri, Keith; Dube, Thulani; Moyo, Philani; Ncube, Cornelius; Ndlovu, Sibonokuhle
Mar-2014The socio-economic effects of cross-border migration on Zimbabwe’s border lying communities - A case study of Beitbridge and PlumtreeDube, Thulani
Mar-2016Towards a Framework for the Integration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Meteorological Science in Seasonal Climate Forecasting: The Case of Smallholder Farmers in ZimbabweDube, Thulani; Moyo, Philani; Ndhlovu, Sibonokuhle; Phiri, Keith
Sep-2018Will Adaptation Carry the Future? Questioning the Long-term Capacity of Smallholder Farmers’ Adaptation Strategies against Climate Change in Gwanda District, ZimbabweDube, Thulani; Mlilo, Coolman; Moyo, Philani; Ncube, Cornelius; Phiri, Keith